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What is RRT
Rapid Transformational Therapy
A ground-breaking method for rapid results


Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) is a ground-breaking therapeutic technique

created by Marisa Peer, one of the UK’s leading therapists. RTT® has won numerous awards and accolades and continues to grow in global recognition as one of the most effective methods available for achieving fast and permanent results.

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Success Stories

Relationship with food - RTT

"I didn't expect one session to be so insightful, or to have such a positive impact. I definitely feel SO much better and I’m proud of how I’m doing!’"

Success Stories

Self-esteem and Confidence - RTT

"Since the session my self-esteem, self-belief and confidence keep growing. Nikki is an amazing, talented, very intuitive therapist"

Success Stories

Fear of Public Speaking - RTT

"Wow! This Hypnotherapy really lived up to its RTT name! It felt like no time at all before my problem was solved."

Success Stories

Stress, Money Worries and Worthiness - RTT

"After just 2 RTT® sessions and 2 follow up sessions I’ve had some big breakthroughs and a shift in energy and mindset."

Success Stories

Overwhelmed, Lost and Lonely - Coaching Package

"Since working with Nikki I've recognised my fears and what I really want. I feel confident, in charge of my destiny and feel really positive and in control of my life."

Success Stories

Anxiety, Depression and Trust Issues - Coaching Package

"I’d tried therapy but I never felt I could do anything with the advice. Working with Nikki has really helped me to deal with situations better and overcome my own emotions."

Success Stories

Relationship Issues - Coaching Package

"After the session I had more clarity around what may have been holding me back from having a better relationship. The daily recording is amazing, it’s perfect."

Success Stories

Fear of Being Vulnerable - RTT

"I honestly didn’t ever imagine feeling the way I do now, the constant anxiety feeling in my stomach has completely disappeared."

Success Stories

Panic Attacks - RTT

"Through her guided RTT method, we were able to resolve childhood trauma/pain and break the associations my brain had created to “keep me safe”."

Success Stories

Weight Issues - Coaching Package

"Since this therapy I have lost 2 stone just by eating to nourish my body and without dieting. So, thank you Nikki for all your help, you truly have transformed my life."


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